Vacation rental? B&B? No, but youʻre invited to be a guest in my home.Vacation rental? B&B? No, but youʻre invited to be a guest in my home.Vacation rental? B&B? No, but youʻre invited to be a guest in my home.Vacation rental? B&B? No, but youʻre invited to be a guest in my home.

I designed and built my house on a beautiful, low key, uninhabited beach. We have neighbors now, but still a deserted beach.



 Iʻve been doing this for years, but I am NOT a "B&B" or a "Vacation Rental".  So, there is no charge and none is asked or implied.  If you want to help  us to share the Aloha Spirit, there's a drop box in case you want to leave a gift to help us continue to share our beautiful island with others (and if you do leave a gift, all of it goes for maintenance, repairs, etc, and I will forward a chunk of it to our government to help them with their/our expenses of your visit). 



There's 2 bedrooms, each with a double bed, TV & Wi-Fi, that share a full bath.  On the deck is a pull-out couch and the living room has double padded bench seating that can sleep 2-3 more.  Thereʻs even some futons and inflatable mattresses when a whole team takes over the place for outrigger canoe races and soccertournaments. 



We share the kitchen and the common areas and washer/dryer, so its more like being housemates, only I furnish all the stuff we use.  There's also a separate back entrance for more privacy and quick access to the beach.

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There's lots to do on Molokai (click on the links and will give you a good idea) or borrow our kayaks, paddle straight out and commune with the honu (turtles) or just sit back on the beach, watch whales jumping and fish schooling, enjoy the the sun and do…. nothing

Being centrally located on the south shore means a quick run to almost anywhere thatʻs paved and only 4 miles to town and shopping.



 Iʻm not a VR or a B&B, so Iʻm not in competition with them.  If you want an idea of what vacation rentals and local B&Bs here look like and what they are charging, check out these links as a small sample:

I donʻt have brand new bedspreads or a housecleaner and I may or may not have just mowed the yard, but the linens are clean and my guests say that they feel more like being at home and relaxed.  I take that as a  compliment....



Remember, Iʻm not a B&B!  I donʻt charge anything nor ask for donations.  And in that I'm always running off to enjoy our island or up to Ani's house or Oahu to visit my boys and play soccer, you'll find that you often have the whole house to yourself.  And because of that, you have to find your own breakfast - whatever you catch or left in the fridge last night or run to town (5 minutes!) and get.  But there or not, I do offer a really good complimentary coffee or tea (though if Iʻm not there, you gotta brew it yourself....)!

So when I'm home, let's sit and chat and when I'm not, enjoy the privacy. 



"Spread the Aloha".

I can help with transportation arrangements, give suggestions and help set up things to do here as well as on other islands, pickup hitchhikers and stranded motorists - in general, spread Aloha. 


Come with ʻIhi and Aloha and I promise you, you'll love Molokai and its people and that you'll really enjoy visiting here.



My name is Steve Legare. I'm a retired Molokai firefighter, teacher, & coach.  I grew up on Oahu and Iʻve lived here for 40 years and raised my family in this house.  I love to play soccer (even at my age) and I share my life with a wonderful artist/paddler lady, Ani (  

My website isn't commercial (I did it on my Mac) and neither are we and yes, I took all the pictures from my house and yard and beach.  (Checkout the sunrises and sunsets by running the slideshow below.  Though some pics are zoomed, none  are "Photoshopped"!  They are as the camera caught them.  Plus, you are free to use them for non-commercial purposes, just please give credit where due.)



Steve Legare

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Address: 2404 Kamehameha V Hwy.

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